Last Goodbye

8:05pm, 21 June 2007 –

Piggy Romeo passed away. He was fine this morning when I checked on him. This afternoon, he fell sick, but I didn’t know. His afternoon meal was left untouched, until I checked on him in the evening. He had already gone weak, soft, and was barely breathing. He didn’t struggle when I pick him up (very rare).

Rest in Peace, Piggy.


June 21, 2007 at 8:18 pm 9 comments

Bathing has it’s rewards!

Oh long time never update already, because Mummy brings the laptop to school everyday!

Today Mummy gave me a bath again. I tell you, I hate it I hate it I hate it! I hate water, Mummy, why can’t you just let me be smelly? I don’t mind. I’m a piggy! Hehe!

I kept struggling, and I jumped out of the pail! Mummy was so angry with me, she gave me a small whack on my backside 😦

But after bathing, Mummy put me on the grass, and let me eat. So happy~ Hehe! I played there and ran about, eating and eating the grass, while Mummy washed my cage and put in new bedding for me.

I was so happy, cos Mummy let me run freely. I thought that if I’m good, she’ll let me stay in the garden again. But nope. She put me back in the cage! I was so angry! Then I bit Mummy’s hand.

Sorry Mummy 😦

February 1, 2007 at 9:35 pm 3 comments

Long Time No Update!

Oooh! I haven’t blogged in a long long time. Mummy and Daddy have both been busy with their work and school. Daddy comes over some times to see me, although he is busy. Last weekend Daddy was supposed to be studying at home (Mummy went to work at Simtiao) but he played with me. Yay! But Mummy was not very happy about that.

Today Mummy finally said I can use the computer. Hehe! Just now I webcam with Elaine ah-yi, who is Mummy’s sister. Ah-yi is in some far far place, I don’t know. But Mummy put the webcam on the table and let held me in front of the camera. I looked at the screen and I could see myself. So fun. Like a mirror.

I tried to do some dance when in Mummy’s arms but she went “Ouch ouch ouch! Stop wiggling!” and then she put me down after awhile. Mummy showed me her arm. She said my nails are too long, and I scratched her. Oops. Sorry Mummy.

Mummy made me wave bye bye to ah-yi even though I wasn’t ready to go off. So sad. I wanted to dance some more. I’m happy Mummy plays with me more now. We took some pictures together last week.

Me on Mummy’s tummy.

Me and Mummy

This is my fave pig pellets. Yay. Christmas is coming. 🙂

Mummy say cannot ask for presents.
But can ask for food? Hehe. Yummy.

And that day I had to take a shower. They forced me.

Eee. So wet.

Umm. Why do they keep taking these kinda pics with me? (Ref last pic I took with Daddy and last pic I took with Mummy) On Daddy’s blog, the caption was ‘吃了你’ 😦 So sad.

November 16, 2006 at 10:40 pm 6 comments

Mummy is Home!

She brought lots of bags of things! She said she brought mango. So I hope she gives me some tonight! Hehehe!

Last night I was so excited that Mummy was back! I ran around my cage, jumping and hopping and kicking bedding out! I don’t know how else to show my love for Mummy. Hehehe. 

Okay, I gotta go! Mummy says I cannot use Internet when she is not at home. She’s at work now, you see, but I’m so bored!

I wish Mummy didn’t have to go to work.

October 26, 2006 at 11:20 am 4 comments

Daddy bought me carrot!

Daddy came over to Mummy’s place on Thursday and did a mess cleaning for my cage. He pour away all the bedding in my cage and washed the floors with water.

Uncle Justin brought Beckham and another new piggy friend to visit me on Thursday too, and they stayed in my cage until yesterday night. We were happily wheeking around and kicked bedding out of the cage as usual.

Uncle Justin is so evil, he always scare us by making loud noise in a sudden and poke us using a wooden pole. I’ll bite his finger when he intend to carry me next time.

Mummy took airowplein to Indonesia on Thursday, Daddy says she is enjoying herself there. But I want to go also… Daddy feel longly without Mummy around too.

Orh yah I almost forgot to mention, Daddy bought me carrot today.

Is it my first time eating carrot? Hmm I can’t remember. But never mind, what’s important is carrot tastes nice. Daddy chop a big carrot into slices and only give me a little at one time. He said that carrot is very solid and I might not be able to digest too much at once.

But I am a pig, Daddy, pigs are supposed to eat as much as they can.

Here are some video and photos taken by Daddy while I was enjoying my carrot.

Daddy is going to Uncle Justin’s place to celebrate Uncle’s birthday. Happy Birthday Uncle Justin!

Orh and I still miss Mummy…

October 21, 2006 at 2:32 pm 3 comments

Mummy don’t want Me anymore

I’m so sad. I woke Mummy up this morning cos I thought she was going to be late for work. So I wheek-ed and I wheek-ed till she came to my cage and refilled my bowl. That kept me busy and distracted for awhile. Then I remembered that Mummy was still sleeping!

So I tried to wake her up again. Then she told me.

That she is not going to work today. Because she is flying off in some thing called a ‘airowplein’ to see Gramps and Grammy. That is like, my Mummy’s parents. Yup. Gramps works in Indonesia (mummy showed me the map from her blog) and so Grammy and Mummy are going to see Gramps.

And she said she can’t bring me along cos the bad men at the ‘airport’ will catch me cos I’m a pig and pigs cannot go on airowpleins. Huh! Why, Mummy?

Mummy is leaving me for one whole week! 😦 I don’t want Mummy to go away!

But Mummy said Daddy will be here tomorrow to give me nice food to eat. I hope so! I like to eat…

Bye bye Mummy! Bring nice nice things for me to eat from Indonesia, okay, Mummy! For today, Uncle Hong Hai will feed me and refill my water bottle.

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My Watermelon

Today Mummy was sick so she stayed at home with me. But she didn’t play with me so I was abit sad. Well, she gave me a watermelon peel for lunch so I guess that made up for her lack of attention towards me.

She put it on the floor in my cage, and when I saw it, I couldn’t believe my eyes! So huge! I quickly dragged it into my house so that I could guard it and eat it there all by myself.

I love watermelon. Mummy says she loves them too, and since I like it too, she’ll buy more next time. I ate up almost the whole peel, then Mummy took the remaining away from me. She said I shouldn’t have eaten so much at one go. I was stuffed to the brim by then. Hee hee!

Last night Mummy had an argument with Daddy. Then today Mummy didn’t reply Daddy’s beeps on the phone. And she didn’t want to talk to him also. I feel sad. I like Daddy. Just now Mummy came over to talk to me, and then she said she is ok now, Daddy also.

It’s ok for me now. Mummy gave me new hay so I’m happy again. I like hay!

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